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Everyone loves to travel. Posts about travel like travel goals by couples, families, and friends are anywhere in social media. Promo fares of airlines, ferries, and cruises are frequently found on Facebook, Instagram, and any social media platform.

But why do people love to travel? When trying to relax, why not just stay at home, watch a movie or sleep all day? Well, traveling creates good memories in life. It is a good form of relaxation and escapes from a stressful work you have. When you travel, you are unlocking the doors to another environment. You will meet many people, try new adventures, try different kinds of food and socialize with the locals in the area. Other than that, you will learn other people’s traditions and cultures.Learning it will help you understand the diversity of people and nations yet still united as one in this amazing planet we live in.

However, when you venture for a travel alone, you might not feel that you are into an adventure. There must be something with it that sounds adventurous. One example of an adventure is the SUP or the Stand-up Paddle boarding and surfing. Before this used to be common only in Hawaii but now, almost anywhere in the world has this adventurous kind of sport.

SUP is close to a dangerous kind of sport, however, it may vary from a light paddling to a heavy paddling. Definitely, if you are only a beginner, you can start with the light paddling.

SUP is not only a kind of sport or leisure. It has benefits, too, especially health benefits. It is good for anyone to try it especially those who felt bored when swimming already. The best SUP experience is when you experience its benefits after trying. Here are some benefits of Stand-up paddleboarding:

  • It helps improve your balance. When doing the SUP, you must stand up straight on the board. You cannot slack off. You should try to balance your position while paddling and stay focus on what you are doing. Avoid panicking. Staying relax will help you enjoy paddling.
  • It gives your body a full body workout. When doing SUP, it is like you are doing your workouts in the gym. Because balancing is required, your muscles in your body will be working so hard just like when you are doing your routine workout.
  • It is a low impact exercise. Since it low-impact, it is not prone to damage your joint or tendons. Even those with splints or pelvic pain can best do the paddling. This may help them be cured quickly. Therefore, it is a good exercise.
  • It helps you reduce stress. When you are stress, you need to exercise to reduce it. SUP is the best stress reliever since you will be doing it through the water. You are exposed to nature and can loosen it up everything that makes you feel suffocated and pressured.
  • It will boost your energy. SUP is like a vitamin that helps you boot your strength. Since it requires you to exert more energy, your body is building up your strength again.
  • It is a good exercise for the heart. Everyone needs an exercise to maintain the heart healthy and prevent cardio problems. When paddling, you can increase your heart rate.
  • SUP is very useful for those who are injured. Because of its low impact, those with injuries who are required for an exercise can best do this while healing. It is not making them tire themselves but it is making them stretch their muscles.
  • It helps improve endurance. Paddling may not be easy from the start. It requires so much balance. However, when you keep on doing it, with a great determination that you can do it, it may improve your endurance. You will notice that when your muscles do not get tired quickly like the first time you tried, that means your endurance is improving.
  • It allows you to connect with nature. Nature is the only place where you can breathe in and breathe out the freshness of the air. When doing SUP, you are already close to nature. You can spread out your hands and feel the freedom from within.

The best SUP experience can be anywhere where there is SUP available. The place does not really matter that much but it is the experience that you have. SUP is a part of the exploration you are taking part into. When you do not explore the things around you now, you may not have a chance anymore as you age.

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