Teach Your Kid Fishing and Let Him Have Fun Fishing

There are many positive aspects associated with fishing. It is a good way to relax and wind down from the pressure of day to day life. It is also a source of fresh healthy protein to supplement the usually high fat, high carbohydrate fast food diet. Fishing, through the purchase of licenses and joining fishing organizations, helps promote wildlife conservation. These are extremely valuable characteristics that most parents would love for their children to have. This makes teaching your children to fish a very high priority in life. But teaching a young child to fish can be quite a challenge. Here are some suggestions that may help this learning process to be a little painless.

It is best to teach the child to fish when they are young. By the time a child is about three or four years old, they should have the motor skills to learn how to fish. They need appropriate fishing equipment for their size. Some companies make rods and reels, especially for kids. They are very short rods and very cheap bait casting reels. They are just what a little kid needs.

It is best to go to a lake with a shore that gently slopes in. When kids get near water they want to get wet. If there is a sandy beach that is the best. Dress your child in shorts, t-shirt, and sandals. Bring one or two changes of clothes. Bring along a couple of lawn chairs, an adult sized for you and a small child sized one. This will make things comfortable, but don’t be surprised if you don’t spend much time sitting. Kids like to get up and explore.

If you rig up your child’s line, talk to them and tell them what you are doing. Then show your child how to cast and how the reel works. Have them put his or her thumb on the reel button and press down. Then let them release the button when you give the command. Allow it to drop at his or her feet and then let them reel it up. Do this several times until the child gets the hang of it. Then try a cast and call out when to release the button. It will take a few times, but they will catch on. Don’t worry about it if the line only goes out a couple feet. Be sure to tell your child how great he or she is doing. Remember this is all about the child having a good time and enjoying the day. Stay right with them and if they want to get wet or wade, let them and you wade with them.


How to Make Fishing Fun for Kids

Choose a Spot Teeming With Fish 

Fishing maybe boring for your kid for the first time and and the kid may not like it. To induce fun and make the activity interesting, you need to look for a pot that you are certain their some or plenty of fish. That place can a stocked lake. It would be more enjoyable if both of you could see the fish beneath the surface of water.

Take Breaks

Kids do not need to be engaged in a single activity for so long, they need to take considerable breaks in whatever they do. It that case, fishing for long with you youngsters can be tiring and boring. Let your kids take breaks whenever they feel bored, you can detect this from their facial expression. During this time of break, indulge in things like having a snack, hiking in the wilderness, hopping in your boat or you may let your kid play with mud or a toy in water. Therefore, you should be flexible to prevent your kid growing impatient and unfocused.

Learn And Categorize The Fish

When your kid starts showing signs of boredom, try something creative. For instance, take out your book or phone having images of different types of fish and let your child explore them. Point to note, focus on fish that are popular in your area and try to bring out their similarities and differences so that later when your child catches his first fish you can show to him the book to figure out which type of fish he has caught.

Make It a Game

Almost all kids like games. You may not be having much success on the fishing front with your kid. In that case, try make look like a game. For instance, you may award the biggest fish catcher child as well the smallest fish catcher. You can as well play a game while fishing but remember to keep the game as simple as possible so as to maintain concentration. Games such as I Spy, Tic-Tac-Toe and Bingo might be the best ones.

Choose Kid-Friendly Equipment

Choose the best fishing products for your children. Your child will enjoy when fishing with a perfect fishing equipment. These might include fishing rod kit, practice casting plug and many more.

Fishing is an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Get out there and create your own memories enjoying the great sport of fishing.